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While planning your stay in Russia bear in mind, that 90% of the population of Russia does not speak English. While Russia has over 150 spoken local languages, this does not help if you speak none of them. This might possess a serious risk to your business if you come to your partners or customers without a business negotiation interpreter to negotiate price or delivery terms. There were many cases of misunderstanding due to the language barrier which has led to serious losses for both parties.

Babr is Numer One place to find language professionals in Russia. Here you can find over 12.000 interpreters and translators in over 250 major cities in Russia and contact them directly at no cost. You can find here translators and interpreters from Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, and other 40 languages. Why would you need them? Find the answers below.


Conference, seminar, and presentation interpreters

If you are going to attend a conference, seminar, or training in Russia, these events are a little complex and you will most probably need a simultaneous or conference interpreter in Russia with a strong linguistic background. Not all interpreters can perform such interpreting on a good level. This type of interpreting often requires special qualifications from interpreters and a complex set of equipment that can be provided by interpreters or event organizers. Conference interpreters in Moscow will help you to attend any such events. If you come to a conference or legal court procedure without having a professional interpreter with you you may miss important information as such events are very informative and difficult to understand.

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Business negotiation interpreters

Interpreters have a significant role to play in corporate negotiations involving international customers. Interpreters must not only have excellent language skills but must also be well versed in business terminology, understand the business of their clients, and have an accurate understanding of technical terms in both languages. Sometimes, you may need an interpreter for business negotiations in St. Petersburg to conduct business discussions with your partners or clients.

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Medical and healthcare interpreters

When you have a doctor's appointment ahead of you, the best thing for any doctor is to guarantee that patients answer their questions; to ensure that the best care is applied. In order to support patients with limited English skills, getting medical interpreters in Novosibirsk on hand is important, particularly in the case of rarer languages. But translating takes place between active participants at a communicative moment, building on abilities distinct from those used for static translation.

Medical interpreters from Babr

What would you do if you have an appointment at the hospital and your English proficiency is limited? Well, instead of having a fear of misunderstanding your diagnosis or explaining the symptoms the wrong way, that is better to hire a medical interpreter in Kazan. A medical interpreter can accompany you to the medical check-up or even to complex surgery and translate your medical report to your mother tongue. Depending on your location you can hire a medical interpreter also in RostovChelyabinskUfaVolgogradPermKrasnoyarsk, and other cities in Russia. If you do not speak the Russian language you even risk your life by visiting a doctor's appointment or seeking help in the hospital. Also if you need to translate a medical report or urgently perform a certified translation of a document you will need to hire a language specialist.


Technical, engineering, and IT interpreters

Often factories and tech companies need to translate their technical user manuals, testing procedures, guidelines, drawings, publications. This is quite a complex job, which requires a highly qualified technical translator preferably with an engineering background possessing specialized terminology. While the presence of specific phrasing is an element of specialized writings, particular wording alone isn't adequate for characterizing a manual as "specialized" since various subjects which are not "specialized" have what can be viewed as specific terminology. Technical translation covers the language translation of numerous sorts of specific messages and requires an elevated level of subject information and dominance of the pertinent terminology. While selecting the right technical interpreter in Yekaterinburg, the significance of reliable wording in technical or engineering translation may not be underestimated as this can lead to faulty hardware designs or use.

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You may also need a technical interpreter for your GMP audit in Russia. If you have an audit inspection ahead and you need to visit a factory or a production site, always take a high qualified interpreter for a GMP audit. Here is why. GMP certification process in Russia is very complex and involves many stages, including comprehensive audit, elimination of shortcomings, staff training, analysis and preparation of dossier, an inspection of the production, and reporting. All these require a high-quality medical translation to correctly translate pharma/medical reports, or often a qualified technical or scientific translator for audits with technical or engineering background and sound knowledge of pharma terminology. Having a qualified interpreter present during GMP inspections is absolutely essential because the wrong assessment may lead to a high risk of getting no GMP certification or delay in registration of your neu pharmaceuticals.


Video Remote and Over-the-Phone Interpreters (VRI, OPI)

If your business meeting or conference is taking place in a remote location you can hire a remote interpreter using Video Remote Interpreting (also know as VRI). If you do not necessarily need a video connection, you can also hire a specialist for telephone interpreting. Most of the interpreters offer these services especially dring COVID-19 pandemic times. You can hire a remote video remote interpreter in Nizhniy Novgorod or a telephone interpreter in SamaraVideo Remote Interpreting is performed using a high-speed internet connection via Skype or Zoom and can save your budget, as the interpreter does not have to travel to the venue location.  If you are going to attend an exhibition or just talk to your partners you can contact and hire a business, exhibition, or notary interpreters in Omsk and let them help you to understand your business partners.

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Legal translators and court interpreters

You should not underestimate the importance of accurately translating official documentation, which may be required to be presented in a legal process. Such documents like contracts, certificates, letters of intent, commercial invoices, agreements, complaints, tax forms, tender documents, and work permits are very important. You will need professional legal translators to complete your legal translations and if required will notarize the document by a notary public. 

Legal and court interpreters and translators from Babr

If you have a court proceeding in Russia ahead of you, a courtroom interpreter will help you to make communication possible in the court. Thanks to their special skills, court interpreters help all people involved to understand the proceedings, regardless of the language they speak. As people’s lives depend on the quality of interpreting, such professionals should be highly specialized. They must be proficient in both languages, and understand the court and legal jargon. A courtroom interpreter must interpret every word they hear very accurately, whenever the judge, lawyers, or witnesses are speaking. You cannot rely on family members or friends if they do not have proper qualifications, it is simply not acceptable, as this can lead to misunderstanding or conflicts.